2 weeks detox diet plan

In order to restore vitality and correct physiological dysfunctions, we present you a specific plan for detoxification .
In addition, to clean the body is specially designed to restore the physiological balance of your body.
This diet has a two-term week and is divided into seven stages, each lasting two days.

The lifestyle of today’s society exposes us daily to the serious effects of pollution, stress, radiation and toxins. As time passes, our body tends to accumulate all these aggressions, manifesting itself in various organic imbalances. As the difficulty in losing weight, low metabolism (set of reactions in the body that allow you to turn food into energy and thus burn fat), hormonal disorders, appearance of digestive problems, various types of allergies, early skin aging, changing the operation of kidneys and liver, general fatigue, depressed immune system, degenerative diseases, among many other complications in the health and general welfare.

Initially, this plan encourages the elimination of toxins and accumulated metabolites.
Then, and not least, strengthens the body with a protection system against toxins and pollutants that surround us.

7 Stages of Detoxification Diet – 2 weeks
This diet has a duration of two weeks and is divided into seven phases each lasting two days.

Stage 1 – Net
At this stage, we will rest the digestive tract. So it will only take fluids. As follows:
– water with lemon juice. Squeeze 1/2 lemon into 1-liter water and having to go throughout the day.
– Fruit juices – up to 6 glasses per day.
– Vegetable juices – the description.
– Teas (unsweetened) of herbs or spices such as ginger, fennel and dandelion, which will have a strong detoxifying and stimulating circulation broth water made the fresh vegetable base: only enjoy the water and do not eat vegetables.

Example juices:
– Juice apple and carrot – purifies the body and strengthens the immune system (4 carrots and 2 apples).
– Raspberry juice and peach – beneficial for cases of fatigue and anemia (125g raspberries and 2 peaches) .

2nd phase – Liquids and fruit
At this stage we will remove acids that are released during detoxification. The fruit, besides having an alkalizing action (the acidic environment ), and also has a nutritional laxative effect. Therefore, in addition to liquids, only eat fruit.
Prefer apple, pineapple, mango, grapes, watermelon and its properties by elimination of toxins, but also by being promoting proper digestion and increase energy.

Stage 3: Include Raw Vegetables
Vegetables will increase the nutritional value of meals and help stimulate the liver more. They also have diuretic action.
Prepare various salads that include green leafy vegetables, vegetables and herbs. Add bean sprouts, garlic, fennel, watercress and parsley.

Stage 4: Include vegetables Cooked and Brown Rice
this stage, choose vegetables with green leaf for the prevention of liver disease.
Choose also the leek, onion, artichokes and beets.
As regards rice, the best suggestions fall on the full and small berry, being more absorbent.

Phase 5: Include Beans, Lentils, Dried Fruits and Seeds
The purpose of this phase is to increase the intake of vegetable protein, essential fatty acids and minerals necessary for proper functioning of the body.
Examples of nuts: hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, pine nuts .
Examples of seeds: pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and flaxseed.
Eat up to two little plates of 30 g of a mixture of nuts and seeds per day.

6th phase: Include cereals and yogurts with Bifidus Active
These foods provide an extra intake of fiber, minerals and vital microorganisms for the rejuvenation of the intestinal flora.Further assist in the intestinal tract, hepatic function and also in strengthening the immune system.

7th stage: Include Fish
Any type of fish is good, although the most suitable are the cold water: tuna, salmon and sardines are high in good fat (omega 3 fatty acids) to the body.

The best foods to detoxify:
– Apple – Grapes
– Beets – Manga
– Brown rice – Artichokes
– Cayenne pepper – Green leafy vegetables
– fennel – Onion
– Garlic – Parsley
– Ginger – Pineapple
– Strawberries – Watercress
– Watermelon

5 Restrictions
To make the program more effective, should refrain from:
1 – Smoking – It takes eight hours without smoking so that carbon monoxide levels fall and the oxygen increase in the body
2 – alcohol – Alcohol is absorbed by the blood and carried to all irrigated organs of the body such as the liver, brain and heart.
3 – Taking drugs (unless prescribed by the physician) – abuse of drugs can create resistance in the organism, as well as being a major source toxic.
4 – Practicing physical exercise in polluted areas – vehicle release inhalable particles composed of pollutants such as heavy metals and nitrates, which can lead to cardiorespiratory disease.
5 – Use cosmetic compounds for toxic chemicals – most deodorants, e.g. It contains a chemical called aluminum chloral hydrate which is toxic and can cause skin irritation.

Make physical activity a regular basis (at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes): exercise helps control appetite and wasting energy. The allows you to burn stored fat calories, so to lose weight and gain vitality.